The camp is held each summer on Lake Texoma for children ages 10 to 18 to who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening or chronic illness.
Camp Cavett is a place where these children can come together and have fun while learning crucial life lessons from one another.


We are honored that the camp representative, Pam, came to us for this! We did not know anything about the camp before approached to cut out animals including a giraffe, seal, alligator and a lion.


A.R.T.T. supplies local brewery Mustang Brewing with oak tap handles. - Graphics provided by Mustang Brewing were lasered into wood which was then attached to the wood turning made to look like rope. Very neat project. So glad that Mustang allowed us this opportunity.


If you have not had the pleasure of enjoying a Mustang Brew, you should.

Mustang Brewing Website

Recently we had the opportunity to supply a local design company with over 150 custom turnings for a golf course in Georgia! These turnings included columns, bar legs, booth feet and booth dividers. Some items in white oak and some in brown maple.

Another job required custom knotty alder newel posts.

We made one solid maple 10"x8' column.

One custom knotty alder turning had to be hollow to save weight so it could be applied to a hidden slide out cabinet in a kitchen.


Maybe you ran into your column with a car, maybe a child dented it with a baseball bat, or maybe it has soaked up too much water at the bottom and rotted. A.R.T.T. can make you new ones that are virtually the same.

Wood columns should be painted on the bottom before install with a thick paint or epoxy. There is a product called Pro Red used for shower floor pans that we have even heard of people using as a moisture barrier. Whatever your fancy, something is better than nothing to help prevent the wood from soaking up water from concrete.


A.R.T.T. has acquired the remaining LaScala line of stair elements from distributor Moulding Associates. These unique stair parts have been described as artisan-lathed wood that turns stairs into heirloom-quality art. They have been fashioned of furniture-quality European beech wood known for its tight, uniform grain and superior strength. This wood stains beautifully paired with oak or maple.